Road Trip – Sydney to Melbourne (to fly to Tasmania) (1,237km)

Day 1 – Sydney to Kiama

We left the Blue Mountains in Sydney on what was one of the hottest days we had encountered so far, being around mid 30 degrees. We arrived in Kiama that evening and to our Airbnb place, which was a private space on the ground floor of someone’s house called the ‘Sea Temple’. The place was really high up and had incredible views over the coast and hills. 

Kiama was a cute little coastal town with some very old looking building, including the police station and court house. 

We covered approximately 113km.


Day 2 – Kiama to Bega, with stops in Pebbly Beach and Mills Bay

We enjoyed our breakfast that came with the room and then made our way to the Kiama Blowhole, which is a rock formation on the coast that forms a hole where the waves crash into being blown through by the wind and up into the air. We weren’t very lucky with the wind as it was a calm day but we still caught a few awesome ‘blows’!

Then we began making our way to Pebbly Beach where we had read was a great spot for spotting kangaroos by the beach. We did see some and manage to get close, they were a lot friendlier than the last grumpy one we encountered, while we were staying on Straddie! We also saw two goanas strolling by, one when we arrived and the other when we had our lunch at one of the picnic areas. 

We then continued on our way, next stopping at Mills Bay Boardwalk near Narooma. It was a nice walk around the bay to stretch our legs before the final leg of our journey that day. Lastly, we arrived at Bega, which we were not very impressed by. It was a very old town, with next to nothing going on. Well, except a cheese heritage factory they seemed to be very proud of…not really something we were interested in! We wandered around the dead town looking for dinner and without much enthusiasm with the lack of choice settled on a Chinese restaurant, where we actually had a surprisingly good meal, so at least that was something. 


We travelled approximately 304km.


Day 3 – Bega to Bairnsdale, with a stop in Lakes Entrance

After a terrible nights sleep at our motel we made a very early start to Lakes Entrance. It was a gorgeous place where the lake leads into the sea and you can see the entrance point of this. It was very busy with lots of families enjoying their seaside holidays. We enjoyed walking around the lakes and on the impressive 90 mile beach. 


After lunch we played a round of mini golf, which was unlike one we had played before. Part of the course involved mechanical instruments that sent your ball around different ways, so there was some luck involved, which meant that Daniel claimed victory!

We really enjoyed the 18 hole course, however by the 15/16th hole we were really struggling with the heat and when we made it back to the car to see the thermometer reading 43 degrees we understood why! We knew it was going to be a hot day but we didn’t realise how hot.


We then drove on to Bairnsdale where we were staying for the night and retreated to our air-conned room for a couple of hours. Even when we headed out again at around 6pm, it was still 38 degrees. This was the hottest temperature either of us had ever experienced and for someone who is always cold Lauren actually admitted that it was too hot!

We drove approximately 326km.


 Day 4 – Bairnsdale to Foster

After a much better nights sleep we woke up feeling refreshed and surprised to see that after it being 44 degrees yesterday, it was 18 degrees! We had heard of the big changes in the weather in Victoria State but we couldn’t believe it was less that half of the temperature a day later. It was pretty welcomed though and one of the very few times so far that we wore trousers and even a hoody! 

We had a lovely breakfast in Bairnsdale and then made our way to Foster. We had planned to do some walks around Wilson’s Promontory but it was later than we planned to arrive and it had started to rain quite a lot so instead we decided to check in to our hotel in Foster (about an hour away) and spend the afternoon there. We were staying at The Prom Country Lodge, which was a lovely hotel whereby we saw our first big spider; a huntsman, but luckily not as big as they can get!

Foster was a nice place, although not with much going on. We tried to find something to do for a few hours without much luck, so we had a walk around the small town and a park before having a delicious dinner at Foster Exchange Hotel.

We covered approximately 192km, so a slight shorter day of driving.


Day 5 – Foster to Frankston, including Wilson’s Promontory

Our day started nice and early heading to Wilson’s Promontory. The National Park is the most Southernly point of mainland Australia and absolutely beautiful. We were driving through just after sunrise, which meant it looked even more spectacular and we caught sight of a big mob of kangaroos on a field we drove by – seeing kangaroos in the wild was still a novelty to us.

First we had a mountain to climb, we arrived at the foot of Mount Oberon excited to tackle the 3.4km ascent of 549m. When we made it to the top and felt a real sense of accomplishment and we were awarded by some astonishing views across the sea.

32f26087-609a-44cc-8690-2375e58a16dd After our tiring start to the day we then drove about 10 minutes to Squeaky Beach – a beach that actually squeaks when you walk on it, we had a lot of fun testing this out!


7cc1bffa-385c-4013-9940-3fb805368adfLastly, we went on the Wildlife Walk and spotted one single kangaroo, so it wasn’t the most successful wildlife walk but as we were hitting around midday by this point it wasn’t the best time for the animals to be active, but we knew they must have been around somewhere because of the mob that we saw in the morning. 

We really loved Wilson’s Promontory and both said how much we would like to go back there and stay for at least a few days, which would mean we could be there for sunrise and sunsets and to complete many more of the incredible walks in the area. 

We arrived at our motel in Frankston and relaxed for a couple of hours before making our way to the Moonlit Sanctuary for a night time animal guided tour. The tour began, unexpectedly, with the opportunity to hold a carpet python. With some nerves Lauren did this first and was ‘kissed’ by the Python, which was a little scary. 

Then we headed into the sanctuary with lanterns. It was still pretty light to begin with so we didn’t need them to start with but by about halfway round it was pitch black. Firstly, we went to feed some Eastern Grey Kangaroos – yep, more kangaroos! During the tour we saw possums, koalas, wallabies, kangaroos, pademelons, spotted quolls, dingoes, wombats, Tasmanian devils and owls. We had the chance to feed some gliders nectar from a repurposed bottle cap on a stick, the gliders were clearly used to this as they held on to it and there was no sign of them letting go until all of the nectar was finished.  

It was a great experience to be so close to all the nocturnal animals and to feed, hold and stroke so many. Our best day of the road trip by far!


Including a drive south to The Prom we drove approximately 222km.


Day 6 – Frankston to Melbourne Airport to fly to Hobart, Tasmania

The last day of our trip was a very uneventful one, waking up in Frankston and going for a walk around the town to the beach and on the pier. 

We had lunch near the pier before heading to Melbourne Airport to board our flight to Tasmania. After days of little or non existent internet we were, shamefully, pretty excited to spend a few hours sat at the airport finishing our blog for Sydney and uploading pictures.

Our final day was an easy 80km to reach the airport and on to Tasmania!


Final thoughts

We managed to pack a lot into this road trip from meeting some wild kangaroos at Pebbly Beach, climbing 500 plus meters to the summit of a mountain, visiting a sanctuary armed with solar powered lanterns to feed some nocturnal animals, and a bit of crazy golf thrown in for good measure. We also experienced our hottest and coldest days of our travels to date, one after the other in true Victoria style.

Overall, we fell as though the road trip was a mixed bag with lots of great experiences, but unfortunately some of our accommodation and places we decided to stay weren’t as good as we hoped. Despite this we both had fun on the journey to Melbourne, but we were happy to get on the airplane heading to Hobart, Tasmania.


Daniel’s favourite thing – Reaching the summit of Mount Oberon and being rewarded with such an awesome view

Lauren’s favourite thing – Meeting all the nocturnal animal at the Moonlit Sanctuary 


2 thoughts on “Road Trip – Sydney to Melbourne (to fly to Tasmania) (1,237km)

  1. Mum & Dave

    Well what can I say another great blog, gosh you are doing a lot of strange things this time the strange thing for me was to see you both with pythons round you necks ! Daniels even said he got a kiss ………. that’s so wrong. But again loving seeing and reading about you totally amazing adventure looking for ward to ready the next leg of your journey. How are you both ever going to cope with work again eh! Lol loads of love xxxxxx take care look after yourselves xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jane

    Stunning places fab phots to show everyone, still jealous as the first snow of the year is currently falling!
    Not jealous of the heat though, wow its a wonder you could even venture outside in it! Oh and the spider urgh no thanks not my favourite thing at all.
    Have to say the snake too lol.

    The whole experience seems to be so amazing for you both, love reading the blog its fab 🙂
    Take good care of each other and can’t wait for the next one!

    Jane xx

    Liked by 1 person

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