We spent three days in Singapore and it surpassed all of our expectations; we absolutely loved it! It was a really interesting and beautiful city with so much culture. It was gorgeous in the day and came alive at night time.

Day 1

We arrived after a 13 hour flight, jet lagged and very tired after getting very little sleep on the flight. We caught our taxi to the hotel, which was around 7am (12am BST). Unable to check in until after 3pm we quickly packed a bag for the day and headed out. This meant that we made our first error travelling – forgetting to apply sun cream for a day out in 30 degree sun. Somehow we didn’t burn!

We walked into the centre without really knowing where we were going, to discover that we really didn’t! With no internet to use Google Maps we managed to arrive after nearly two hours of walking and a pit stop for a drink at ‘anywhere with air con’ – it was so hot!

Once in the city we were instantly impressed with the amazing buildings and beautiful plants and flowers everywhere. We wandered near China Town absolutely starving and taking advice we had read, found ‘somewhere where the locals eat’. A small cafe busy with workers from the local area. It was delicious and very much needed!

We continued to walk around the centre of Singapore taking in all of the sights and then headed back to our hotel to finally check in and…sleep!!

Day 2

We woke up feeling well rested and refreshed and ready for a full day of exploring! We decided after our long walk yesterday that we would get the SMRT (Singapore Mass Rapid Transit) in to the centre: especially being the #1 rated thing to do in Singapore on Tripsdvisor…not quite sure why!


Let’s just say it was a five star experience compared to the London Underground. We did break one of their rules and eat on the train, which apparently could have cost us a $500 fine…luckily we didn’t get caught!

We headed straight for Gardens by the bay, walking through the marina area, which was stunning, including the designer shopping centre.

We arrived at the gardens and walked around the beautiful spaces.

We then headed up to the OCBC Skyway at Supertree Grove, which we would highly recommend doing, the views were great and even though we didn’t have a very clear day it was still worthwhile and impressive to see across the city.

Then it was time for some food; we had read a lot about the Maxwell Road Hawker Centre. It was a huge undercover area with food stalls around the outside and tables and chairs in the middle. We were spoilt for choice but after reading lots about the ‘chicken rice’ street food and seeing that it had the biggest queue, Lauren tried that and it was completely underwhelming. Daniel made the better choice and choose a duck and pork noodles dish, which Lauren looked at longingly. Both meals with drinks cost S$11.50 / £6.40, which we felt was good value for money!

Feeling very full, we stumbled across China Town and went to see the lights and The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Then we headed back to Gardens by the bay for the evening shows. Whilst on our way across the marina we stopped to take in the incredible skyline.


Gardens by the bay were celebrating a ‘Autumn of fantasies’ festival for the month of September and every night of the year they have two light shows called ‘Garden Rhapsody’. We caught the later one at 8:45pm. The show was breathtaking.

Day 3

Our final day was shorter as our flight was 5pm. We checked out of our hotel and headed to another hawkers food centre, as we enjoyed the other one so much. Old Airport Road Food Court was only a 15 minute walk from our hotel so we chose this one. Daniel ordered a very tasty vegetarian meal for only S$2.30 / £1.28! Being a bit too early for a big meal, Lauren went to the fruit stall nearby and brought some fruit for breakfast and a not so healthy bag of Singapore iced gems. Lauren did manage to have some more traditional food though, at the food market area of the airport before leaving Singapore.

Singapore airport is almost something to write about on its own. It was full of restaurants, comfortable seating, shops, TV areas, game areas, a gallery, gardens, even a sleeping area with beds, and the first time Lauren has ever used a toilet that lifted the seat when she walked in to the cubicle and was heated – little luxuries!

Final thoughts

We absolutely loved Singapore and even though we’d like to go back, we felt the time we had was enough to fit in what we wanted to. The only thing we didn’t do to was visit the famous Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling, as the hotel was closed for renovations during our visit.

Lauren’s favourite thing about Singapore – Gardens by the bay

Daniel’s favourite thing about Singapore – the Hawker Centres  

So that’s it for Singapore and on to Bali… 


4 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. Mum

    Loved reading about your adventures to date and loved also looking at your photos, seeing your nice smiley faces, looking forward to reading your next part of your blog Singapore 🇸🇬 Sounded really good, loads of love to you both xx


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