Deciding to travel

Our plans to travel have been bubbling over the past year or so. Travelling to America for our honeymoon last year became a big turning point in beginning to discuss and plan our trip.

We have always loved going away and exploring new places. We started to look into destinations, think about our savings and how long we could travel for. We set our mind on Australia, being a great place for weather, beaches, walking, wildlife and the ocean. It also made sense as we could apply for a working tourist visa for one year.

From our initial decision to go we started reading lots of blogs, travel books and listening to loads of podcasts which inspired us to take the leap into the idea of travelling and seeing more of the world. Our travel plans then expanded to include South East Asia – Singapore and Bali, with the likely option of returning there after our adventures in Australia.

We decided to sell our house and quit our jobs, giving us the freedom to travel for any length of time.

We are hoping our travel experience will be an incredible time that we will enjoy greatly and always look back on glad we decided to go for it!

Lauren and Daniel

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